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Discover Our Helpful MLB Overview for 2015

The 2015 MLB baseball season runs from April 5th to October 4th, so it’s currently in full swing! The season will feature one hundred and sixty-two games and thirty different teams will play in these games. The season kicked off at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where the Cardinals and the Cubs fought it out!

Each season also offers some fun special features and 2014 is no exception. In mid-July, the league’s All-star Game (#86) was held in Cincinnati. The American League was victorious in the All-star Game!

Tops Teams for 2015

As of this writing (September 2015), a handful of teams are really dominating in their leagues. In terms of the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays are leading for wins, and the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays are in second and third positions, respectively. The Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox are in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

In terms of the National League, the New York Mets are in first place, with seventy-three wins to date. The Washington Nationals are in second place, with sixty-six wins. The Atlanta Braves are currently in third place in the standings and the Miami Marlins are in fourth place. Bringing up the rear is the Philadelphia Phillies, in fifth place.

Now that we’ve covered the top five teams in each MLB league, let’s talk about which players are most impressive this season…

Players to Watch For

The skill and value of Major League baseball players is determined by their statistics. These “stats” measure an array of data which helps sports experts to decide which players are the most impressive! In terms of the 2015 MLB season, the most highly-ranked players, based on statistics, are Paul Goldschmidt, from the Arizona Diamondbacks and Zack Greinke, from the L.A. Dodgers.

Other notable players with high value include Josh Donaldson from the Toronto Blue Jays and Andrew McKutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Overall Popularity of MLB vs. Other Leagues

MLB’s popularity is still going strong and this league is more popular than the NBA. Fifteen percent of adults follow Major League Baseball, while only ten percent follow National Basketball Association games. So, baseball continues to be America’s most beloved sport. Kids love baseball and over two million of them sign up for Little League action each and every year. These kids probably dream of making it to the MLB someday and it’s safe to say that some of them will achieve their dreams…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this MLB overview. If you want to learn more about Major League Baseball, you may do so by checking other respected online resources – we recommend the official MLB website, as it’s loaded with information that pertains to this season, and to the league in general.

Baseball is so much fun to watch on TV and it’s also great to go out and see games. If you have an MLB team in your city, consider yourself lucky and be sure and attend a few home games this season. When you do, you’ll experience MLB action, up close and personal.


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