Baseball Columnists


Almo Gregor is huge Red-Sox fan since growing up in Boston. He frequently likes to watch old games when Babe Ruth played. He still refers to old times as good times and is sure that nowadays baseball is lacking in quality. He knows almost everything there is to know about baseball history and what have changed throughout the years or what could be the new future trends. Almo is also writer and owner of another blog where he discusses his love for rifle optics, namely rifleopticsworld. No wonder, they both require huge amounts of precision for success.


Mark- columnist on


Mark is a lifelong baseball fan. Raised up in Japan you really can`t find a more passionate man who truly loves the game of baseball. He is known for being technique specialist and has been coach for numerous MLB players.

COlumnist on - Juhan

Juhan originates from India and has been a real fan of baseball for 7 years now. He is not been involved in the professional level, but watching 1000 of games, analyzing every player and team he surely knows what he is talking about when it comes to baseball.

Columnist in - James


James is also the head of He has been making a living discussing MBL and baseball in major publications like ESPN. Now, he is looking to start his own project to provide independent baseball news.