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Get the Inside Scoop on the Sport of Baseball

baseball glove and ballBaseball is popular all over the world – however, the USA and Japan are probably the nations which consider this sport most important. In particular, America reigns as the global hotspot for baseball. After all, it is the home of Major League Baseball, which continues to inspire and intrigue today, just as it has for decades.

Many baseball legends have played in MLB teams, from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter and beyond…

To help you learn more about the sport of baseball, we’ve created a comprehensive guide. We’ll talk about what the sport is, what equipment is needed, the history of the game, its statistics with regard to popularity and the most impressive Major League teams of the modern age…

Once you’ve read our guide, you’ll have the inside scoop on the sport of baseball and you may just want to join a team yourself. There are tons of amateur leagues out there, from Little League to teams for older players, so there is truly something for everyone…

What is Baseball, Anyway?

Baseball is played on a grass or dirt “diamond” with three bases and a fourth base, which is known as Home Plate. During the game, team members from one team will occupy positions on the field, while the other team’s players will take turns attempting to hit a pitched baseball with a bat, with a mind to getting home runs or getting on base.

Examples of positions for baseball include First Base, Second Base, Short Stop and Third Base. Outfielders will also be in position in order to try and catch bigger hits which come into the outfield area. Players on the field will work together in order to stop the other team from getting runs and/or getting on base. There are limits in terms of how many times the team which is batting can be “out”. After three outs, the teams will switch places. The team in the field will become the batting team and vice versa.

Every baseball game has nine innings and some games may go into overtime. Overtime will happen when games are tied at the end of the ninth inning.

The official rules of baseball are out there for anyone who wants to find them. They are far too numerous to write down here. If you want official rules, you may find them at an authority website, such as the official website. Checking out these rules will help you to understand exactly how this classic game functions.

What Type of Equipment is Used?

In the sport of baseball, baseball bats, baseballs and baseball gloves are used in every game. In addition, in formal games, baseball uniforms are worn. As well, baseball hats will be worn and special sports footwear, known as baseball cleats, may be worn. Bases are marked with heavy pads which offer players a little protection as they run or slide.

Sporting equipment for baseball is found at many sports stores and specialty baseball stores. Certain baseball equipment brands are quite famous. For example, Louisville Slugger is known for its baseball bats and Rawlings is known for its baseballs…

The History of the Game

Babe Ruth from Yankee
Legendary Babe Ruth playing for the Red Sox

Baseball is the invention of Abner Doubleday and he created the sport in Cooperstown, New York, way back in 1839. However, some historians believe that a primitive version of the sport was played in America and England before its formal invention by Doubleday.

In terms of team baseball, the first recorded game occurred in New Jersey during the summer of 1846. Over the next five decades, the sport grew and evolved, as equipment became better and the skill of players became more developed.

The first pro baseball team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings and they had a wonderful season in 1869. During this season, they won a staggering sixty-four games in a row! A pro league, known as the The National League, was formed seven years later. In 1901, another major league (The American League) was launched. Today, these two leagues are still in action, under the “umbrella” of MLB (Major League Baseball).

Popularity Statistics for Baseball

The sport is still going strong, as Little League statistics indicate. In 2014, two million young players were part of youth leagues. While other sports, such as football, are now experiencing downturns in terms of attracting youth players, baseball continues to draw young people.

In addition, you should know that Americans still prefer baseball to other popular American sports, such as basketball. A survey shows that fifteen percent of USA citizens over the age of 18 watch MLB baseball. Only ten percent follow NBA (basketball) action…

Which are the Best MLB Teams?

3 baseballs with autographs

The New York Mets are doing great in the National League in 2015. While they may not have the same fan base as the ultra-famous New York Yankees, they are performing wonderfully as a team this year.

Other National League teams which are doing well in 2015 include the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves.

In terms of the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays are dominating!

Watch or Play Baseball Today

Now that you’ve learned more about this appealing sport, which is fun and relaxing to watch and a total blast to play, why not get more involved? You can do this by signing up for a local league or coaching a Little League team. You may also get involved by watching MLB games or local baseball teams on a regular basis.

This classic American pastime is wholesome and healthy. For this reason, parents love taking their kids to Major League games, where whimsical mascots entertain little ones (and kids of all ages) between innings.

Baseball does occasionally cause injuries. However, it’s much less likely to cause head injuries than football is and this is why many parents encourage their kids to play Little League baseball.

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide has given you the facts that you need. If you want to learn more, the official MLB website will be a great place to visit.